Season Season 1
Episode no. 2
No. in series 2
Air date 4/21/1990

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Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Keenen thanks those who wrote letters last week, then introduces the Fly Girls and DJ SW1.
Commercial: Do it Yourself Milli Vanilli Kit
This kit comes with mop hair, cartoon character accent tapes to study, and more.
"Act now, because we are almost out of style!"
  • Milli Vanilli - Keenen, Damon
The Arsenio Hall Show
With his flashy grin and oversized rear end, Arsenio interviews Marion Barry, who wants to clear his name.
Arsenio: My people tell me you've written a book.
Marion Barry: I didn't write a book. I WAS booked!
  • Arsenio Hall - Keenen
  • Announcer - staff announcer
  • Pope John Paul - extra
  • Marion Barry - David
  • Cops - extras
Rap Choir
David Alan Grier conducts the Motor City Homeboy Choir, who soak him with their beat boxing.
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music: "I Wanna Be Rich," Calloway
The Show So Far
Sugar Ray Leonard gives his thoughts on the show so far.
  • Larry - David
  • Sugar Ray Leonard - Tommy
  • Ring girl - extra

Star Trek: The Wrath of Farrakhan
To Captain Kirk's dismay, Dr. Louis Farrakhan guides the "slaves" of the Starship Enterprise towards mental emancipation.
Dr. Farrakhan: [to Uhura] My Nubian princess! How long have you placed his course? I watch the show every week, and all I see is the back of your nappy wig!
(NOTE: Damon Wayans also portrayed Dr. Farrakhan on Saturday Night Live.)
  • Captain Kirk - Jim
  • Dr. Louis Farrakhan - Damon
  • Uhura - Kim Wayans
  • Spock - David
  • Bodyguards - extras
  • Mr. Sulu - Kipp Shiotani
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music: "House Time, Anytime," Criminal Elements Orchestra
Ridin' Miss Daisy
Holke knowns exactly what Miss Daisy needs: a good sexin' up.
  • Holke - Damon
  • Miss Daisy - Kelly
  • Announcer - Jim


  • T'Keyah "Crystal" Keymah only appears in the goodnights.
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