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Season Season 1
Episode no. 3
No. in series 3
Air date 4/28/1990

ILC logo 1990

Picture Title/Description Cast
ILC logo 1990-1

Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Keenen asks his brother Shawn (aka DJ SW1) for his shoes back, then introduces the Fly Girls. Damon then comes out and asks Shawn for his shirt back.

Trailer: Lean on Me, Beautiful
Coming soon to FOX: a miniseries about a beauty school's new, bat-wielding principal/drill sergeant.
(NOTE: This is the first time Jim says "All righty then," a catchphrase he would later adapt for the Ace Ventura feature films.
  • Principal - Keenen
  • Students - David, Crystal, Tommy, Kelly, extras
  • Teacher - Kim Coles
  • Parent - Kim Wayans
  • School board official - Jim
Commercial: Mitzvah Train
A Jewish woman and her newly-converted husband star in an ad for an interracial video dating service.
  • Husband - Damon
  • Wife - Kelly
Go On Girl
In the first edition of the feminist talk show, Shawanda's guests realize they've been dating the same man.
  • Shawanda Harvey - Crystal
  • Kiana - Kim Wayans
  • Lavonia - Kim Coles
Commercial: United Negro Scholarship Fund
A nonsensical speech by a jailed activist serves as a warning to "keep your butt in school!"

Trailer: Too-Too Ethnic
Parody of: 227
All attitude and sass, no dialogue.
  • Cast members - Kim Coles, Kim Wayans
  • Announcer - staff announcer
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music: "The Humpty Dance," Digital Underground

Lassie '90
Timmy and his mom try to figure out what their beloved pit bull is telling them.
  • Timmy - Jim
  • Mother - Kelly
  • Landlord (voice) - David
Trailer: Richard Pryor - Scared for No Reason
A new movie with Richard doing what he does best.
  • Richard Pryor - Damon
  • Announcer - David
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music: "Dance for Me," Queen Latifah
Commercial: Vortex II
This tampon is strong enough to soak up an entire swimming pool.
  • Woman 1 - Kelly
  • Woman 2 - Kim Coles
  • Pool guests - David, Shawn, extras
Keenen cues Crystal to close the show: "Tune in next time!"
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