Season Season 1
Episode no. 4
No. in series 4
Air date 5/5/1990

ILC logo 1990

Picture Title/Description Cast
ILC logo 1990-1

Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Shawn, aka DJ SW1, attempts to take over hosting the show by locking Keenen's entry door.

The Oprah Winfrey Show
Today's topic is marriages gone bad. Oprah consoles her female guests while gorging on potato chips and rotisserie chicken, until she inflates and explodes.
Oprah: [floating up to the ceiling] FOOD IS MY LOVER!! FOOD IS MY FRIEND!! MORE OREOS!!
  • Oprah - Kim Wayans
  • Mary Stuart - Crystal
  • Rallo - Tommy
  • Jennifer - Kim Coles
  • Daryl - David
  • Willie (voice) - Shawn
  • Audience members - Damon, extras

Commercial: Bolt 45
Billy Dee Williams plugs a malt liquor that will make it very easy to score with hood rats.
Billy: Somehow I knew she wouldn't refuse me.
This segment only appeared in the original airing of the episode.
  • Billy Dee Williams - Keenen
  • Billy's date - Kim Coles
  • Butler - David
  • Announcer - staff announcer

The Exxon Family
Sam, the captain responsible for the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster, is also a klutz in the kitchen as he unsuccessfully tries to contain a coffee leak.
This segment replaces "Bolt 45" in subsequent reruns.
Jim silently drops an F-bomb as he reacts to being scalded by hot coffee.
  • Sam - Jim
  • Sam's wife - Kelly
  • Announcer - staff announcer
Great Moments in Black History
David Alan Grier salutes the inventor of the self-service gas station.
  • Himself - David
  • Kelvin Thompson - Toney Riley
  • Customer - extra
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music: "Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children," Queen Latifah & De La Soul
Jim Carrey defines the word "transition" with some of his physical comedy.

Rhythmless Nation
Downtown Julie Brown introduces the latest music video by Whitney Houston.
  • Downtown Julie Brown - Kim Coles
  • Whitney Houston - Kim Wayans
  • Dancers - The Fly Girls
Anton on the Subway
Performance artist/wino Anton Jackson, in his debut appearance, asks for money on a stalled subway train.
  • Anton - Damon
  • Subway passengers - David, Crystal, extras
  • Train operator (voice) - Tommy
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music: "Come Into My House," Queen Latifah

Men on Art
Blane and Antoine showcase the classic art pieces:
  • Rembrandt's The Night Watch
  • Mona Lisa ("Hated it! I think someone went a lil' tweezer-crazy!")
  • Birth of Venus ("Hated it!")
  • Andy Warhol's Portrait of Marilyn Monroe
  • Michaelangelo's The Statue of David (Two snaps up in a circle!)
  • Blane Edwards - Damon
  • Antoine Merriweather - David


  • Kelly Coffield only appears in the goodnights (in the original airing).
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