Season Season 1
Episode no. 13
No. in series 13
Air date 9/9/1990

ILC logo Season 1

Picture Title/Description Cast
ILC logo Season 1

Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Keenen expresses gratitude towards the audience, and points to the kids from Orange Drive.
Homey's One-Stop Carnival
Homey refuses to be dunked in water, but he will make balloon animals (and pop them), spin you around in the Whirl-Twirl, and put on a puppet show.
  • Homey D. Clown - Damon
  • Kid 1 - David
  • Kid 2 - Crystal
  • Dad - extra
  • Cowboy - Jim
  • Cowboy's wife - extra
  • Whirl-Twirl guy - extra
A man starts talking about his feelings, then realizes he's not on Oprah.
  • Man - David
Benita Buttrell at Home
Benita Buttrell knows everyone in the neighborhood ... and their secrets.
  • Benita Buttrell - Kim Wayans
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - "Jingling Baby," LL Cool J
Commercial: Michael Winslow: A One Man Show
The famous sound effects artist is on tour.
  • Michael Winslow - David
  • Announcer - Tommy
Trailer: Samantha Kinison
For this stand-up comedienne, PMS stands for "pissed at men syndrome".
  • Samantha Kinison - Kelly
  • Audience - extras
  • Announcer - Jim
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - "911 is a Joke," Public Enemy
  • Corpse - David
The Buttmans
Mr. Buttman comes home from a hard day at work. The kids come home from school. They get a visit from the gas man, who smells something foul.
  • Mr. Buttman - Keenen
  • Mrs. Buttman - Crystal
  • Jimmy Buttman - Tommy
  • Brenda Buttman - Kim Wayans
  • Gas man - David
The cast runs off the stage in excitement.


  • Kim Coles only appears in the goodnights.
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