Season Season 2
Episode no. 3
No. in series 16
Air date 10/7/1990
Production code 7U03

ILC logo Season 2

Picture Title/Description Cast
Cold open
In a scene reminiscent of The Untouchables, Emmy winner Keenen lets his writers know that he wants more enthusiasm from them, otherwise his bat does the talking.
ILC logo Season 2
Opening titles

Commercial: Flatuscents
A new suppository tablet makes farts smell much more pleasant. Now available in "new car" scent.
Trivia: Writer Buddy Sheffield got the idea for this sketch from art director John Sabato.
  • Dave - Jim
  • Woman 1 - Kelly
  • Woman 2 - Kim
  • Woman 3 - extra
  • Spokesman - David
  • Dave's friend - Tommy
The Magenta Thompson Show
Magenta Thompson, a bitter former actress with little under her belt besides being an extra in blaxploitation films, hosts an early-morning basic cable show. She shows some of her on-camera work and barely talks to her guest, Pam Grier.
  • Magenta Thompson - Kelly
  • Stagehand - Tommy
  • Pam Grier - Crystal

Commercial: Cephus & Reesie
Our favorite sweaty soul duo is now starring in a religious musical, Get Off the Lord's Bus If You Ain't Got Correct Change.
  • Ceephus Mayweather - David
  • Reesie Mayweather - Kim
  • Announcer - Tommy
  • Gospel choir - Sandra Crouch and the Andrae Crouch Singers

The Buttmans: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
The family meets Brenda's new boyfriend, Dick.
Mr. Buttman: Our son Jimmy here plays football too. Don't you, Jimmy?
Jimmy: Yeah, I play tight end. What position do you play?
Dick: A little nose tackle. They put me in when they want better penetration. Mostly I just hang out though.
  • Mr. Buttman - Keenen
  • Mrs. Buttman - Crystal
  • Jimmy Buttman - Tommy
  • Brenda Buttman - Kim
  • Richard Dickerson - Jim
Fly Girl Dance
[shown in the syndicated version]
  • Music: "Feel It," The Afros

Spike Lee's Joint
The success of Spike Lee's films has led to the opening of his own themed store, which is full of unsatisfied customers who don't want a free copy of School Daze with every purchase.
  • Spike Lee - Tommy
  • Out-of-town family - extras
  • Joie Lee - Crystal
  • Customers - Kelly, Jim, Kim, David, Rosie Perez
  • Smiley from Do the Right Thing - Damon
NOTE: When the episode was rerun in syndication, this closing sequence was replaced with the one from Episode 209 (with 3rd Bass).
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