Season Season 2
Episode no. 6
No. in series 19
Air date 10/28/1990
Production code 7U06

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Picture Title/Description Cast
Cold Open
Keenen introduces the theme song from his dressing room.
ILC logo Season 2

Opening titles
Heavy D and the Boyz come out to join the Fly Girls and rap the theme song.
Hey Mon - Hedley Court
The Hedleys all hold multiple judicial jobs, including Judge Reinhold. Beverly is on trial for prostitution, Ryan is found guilty for being unemployed instead of for armed robbery, and Reginald confesses to being a busy criminal.
Mr. Hedley: How many jobs do you do?
Beverly: Uh, I've been known to do, uh, twenty jobs in a night, give or take.
  • Godfrey Hedley - Damon
  • Hilda Hedley - Crystal
  • Byron Hedley - Tommy
  • Mathilda Hedley - Kim
  • Beverly Trapp - Kelly
  • Ryan Thomas - extra
  • Reginald McCort - David
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - "Masterplan," Dianne Brown and Barrie K. Sharpe [changed for the DVD release]

Commercial: The Blackman's Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman
Shaharazad Ali promotes her new training video for black men, which doesn't work for one couple.
  • Shaharazad Ali - Crystal
  • Wife - Kim
  • Husband - Tommy
  • Couple watching ad on TV - extras
  • Announcer - staff announcer
Snackin' Shack
Mama serves two orthodontists, who find a ring and a hairnet in their soup.
  • Mama - Kim
  • Frances - Crystal
  • Cook - Tommy
  • Jake - Jim
  • Employee - David
  • Customer - extra
Frenchie - Partay Animal
Leonard, aka Frenchie, tracks down his friend Benny at a fundraiser for dolphins.
In-joke: Frenchie says he was the tambourine player for Cephus and Reesie.
  • Frenchie - Keenen
  • Benny - Tommy
  • Guests, pianist - extras
  • Valet - Carlos Mencia

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