Season Season 2
Episode no. 16
No. in series 29
Air date 2/17/1991
Production code 7U16

ILC logo Season 2

Picture Title/Description Cast
ILC logo Season 2

Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Keenen keeps it short and sweet.
Commercial: EjectorBed
RudeCo’s latest product is guaranteed to dispose of one-night stands with the push of a button.
  • Husband - David
  • Wife - Crystal
  • Other woman - Kim
  • Cheating man - Jim
  • Other other woman - Kelly
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
Frenchie: Bachelor Party
Frenchie crashes Benny’s bachelor party, equipped with Cold Duck champagne and a tape of Disco Godfather. At the last minute, he actually comes through with some call girls.
  • Frenchie - Keenen
  • Benny - Tommy
  • Host - David
  • Call girls - extras
Commercial: Lonnie Parker
A shady auto injury lawyer will give you “cash for your crash”.
  • Lonnie Parker - Jim
  • Crowbar man - David
  • Widow - Crystal
  • New man - Dwayne Wayans
  • Severed head - Tommy
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - “What’s It All About,” Run DMC [changed for the DVD release]

Les & Wes
Les and Wes Rawls, Siamese twin comedians, decide to split up the act.
  • Les Rawls - Keenen
  • Wes Rawls - Damon
  • Themselves - John Tesh, Leeza Gibbons
  • Ladies in bed - extras
  • Muggers in Lone Wolf clip - extras
  • Fast food manager - Tommy
  • Fans - extras
Anton in the ‘Burbs
A family moves into a new home, and guess who they find in one of their boxes?
  • Anton - Damon
  • Father - Jim
  • Mother - Kelly
  • Son - extra
Leaders of the New School perform “Case of the PTA”.
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