Season Season 2
Episode no. 17
No. in series 30
Air date 2/24/1991
Production code 7U17

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Picture Title/Description Cast
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Opening titles

Prison Cable Network - Win, Lose or Draw
Angel hosts a game show for the prisoners, including a few women. Blaze draws an emotion, Charlie draws a place, and the women are carried off.
  • Angel - Tommy
  • Blaze - Crystal
  • Buster - Kim
  • Lobotomy - Kelly
  • Charlie - Jim
  • Tiny - David
  • Big Hector, Chicken - extras
  • Guards - extras
Commercial: Milk
Milk helps Marsha Warfield grow into a giant.
  • Man - David
  • Little Marsha Warfield - extra
  • Half-size Marsha Warfield - Crystal
  • Full-size Marsha Warfield - Keenen
Gulf War Briefing
Colin Powell and Rear Admiral Keating take questions from the press, giving vague answers.
  • Colin Powell - David
  • Rear Admiral Keating - Jim
  • Press - Crystal, Shawn, extras
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - “I Shouldn’t Have Done It,” Slick Rick [changed for the DVD release]
Calhoun Tubbs
Calhoun endorses Senator Helmsley’s re-election, revealing embarrassing things about him through his ditties.
  • Senator Helmsley - Jim
  • Helmsley’s secretary - Kim
  • Calhoun Tubbs - David
Sperm Bank Robbery
A desperate, armed woman attempts to steal some celebrity semen, and ends up finding love.
  • Customers - Shawn, Tommy
  • Woman - Kim
  • Receptionist - Crystal
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - “Gold Digger,” EPMD [changed for the DVD release]
Love Connection
Andrea Dice Clay tells Chuck about her date with Patrick Swayze, who also weighs in.
Patrick: See what I mean, Chuck? She’s an animal!
Andrea: Oh, stop your whining and complaining! I’m the one with the carpet burns on my [bleeeep] for cryin’ out loud!
  • Chuck Woolery - Jim
  • Andrea Dice Clay - Kelly
  • Patrick Swayze - Jim
Kelly closes the show with some incoherent babble, and the cast stomp on a dummy.
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