Season Season 2
Episode no. 20
No. in series 33
Air date 3/31/1991
Production code 7U20

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Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Tommy sings a special song for Keenen.

Movie Shoot
While shooting their latest cheapo venture, Rain Mandingo, The B.S. Brothers meet their female counterparts, The Fabulous Falanas, who show them their cheapo teaser for Dream Cats.
DVD EDIT: The meow-y excerpt from “Memory” in the Dream Cats teaser is removed.
  • Clavell - David
  • Howard Tibbs III - Tommy
  • Meringue - Kim
  • Lambada - Crystal
  • Studio heads - extras
Commercial: Summer's Dawn
Not only a disposable douche, but a salad dressing as well.
NOTE: Kim nearly breaks character during this sketch.
  • Mother - Kim
  • Daughter - Crystal
  • Waiter - extra
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - “Peter Piper,” Run DMC [changed for the DVD release]
Lil’ Miss Trouble Runs Away
Edna Louise’s feelings are hurt by Parnel. She runs away to Scuba-Duba Land, meeting another newly-homeless kid on her journey, until Parnel "saves" her.
Edna Louise: How come you’re running away anyway?
Brandon: ‘Cause I said the F word.
Edna Louise: You said Fahrvergnügen?
Brandon: No, Frusen Glädjé.
  • Edna Louise - Kelly
  • Parnel - Jim
  • Brandon - Damon
  • Mom (voice) - Crystal
Trailer: The Super Fly
The latest blaxploitation classic is getting a lot of “buzz”.
  • Super Fly - Tommy?
  • Dealer - David
  • Woman (Magenta Thompson) - Kelly
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
Guest Dance
The Fly Girls are joined by 2 Four 2.
  • Music - “Treat ‘Em Right,” Chubb Rock [changed for the DVD release]
Snackin' Shack
The new waitress quickly learns the language of the cook, and quits when she finds out what’s in the food.
Leon: I got me a bunion with a eyeball on it!
  • Rose - Kelly
  • Mama - Kim
  • Frances - Crystal
  • Leon - David
  • Cook - Tommy
  • Customers - Dwayne Wayans, extras
Keenen introduces guest dancers 2 Four 2.
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