Season Season 2
Episode no. 21
No. in series 34
Air date 4/14/1991
Production code 7U25

ILC logo Season 2

Picture Title/Description Cast
ILC logo Season 2

Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Keenen introduces a compilation episode, which he put together for you to show your friends who missed their favorite sketch.
Anton Enlists
From Episode 202
Anton visits the army recruitment center to enlist in the army so he can entertain the troops. The officer gives him $25 to go away.
DVD EDIT: The sketch fades out early, omitting Anton singing an off-key variant of the "Be All You Can Be" jingle.
  • Anton - Damon
  • Recruitment officer - David
Commercial: Femco Fashion Tampons
From Episode 214
This product corners two markets for women everywhere.
  • Joyce - Crystal
  • Carla - Kim
  • Males - extras
  • Spokeswoman - Kelly

Spike Lee's Joint
From Episode 203
The success of Spike Lee's films has led to the opening of his own themed store, which is full of unsatisfied customers who don't want a free copy of School Daze with every purchase.
  • Spike Lee - Tommy
  • Out-of-town family - extras
  • Joie Lee - Crystal
  • Customers - Kelly, Jim, Kim, David, Rosie Perez
  • Smiley from Do the Right Thing - Damon
Commercial: AT&T
From Episode 205
Oswald uses the service to talk to a fellow prisoner who speaks his language.
Commercial: EjectorBed
From Episode 216
RudeCo’s latest product is guaranteed to dispose of one-night stands with the push of a button.
  • Husband - David
  • Wife - Crystal
  • Other woman - Kim
  • Cheating man - Jim
  • Other other woman - Kelly
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
Trailer: The Head Detective
From Episode 213
It didn't take $6 million to repair him, but he still gets his man.
  • Cop - Keenen
  • Doctors - Tommy, extras
  • Head Detective - Damon
  • Lady - Carrie Ann

Men on Film
From Episode 201
Blane and Antoine review the films:
  • Total Recall
  • Betsy's Wedding ("Hated it!")
  • Ghost
  • Dick Tracy ("It just left me limp!")
  • Pretty Woman ("Hated it!")
  • Another 48 Hours ("Drop the soap, I'll get it!")
  • Mo' Better Blues
  • Die Harder (Two snaps up, a twist and a kiss!)
  • Blane Edwards - Damon
  • Antoine Merriweather - David
  • Music: "It's Rainin' Men," The Weather Girls
From Episode 207
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