Season Season 2
Episode no. 22
No. in series 35
Air date 4/28/1991
Production code 7U23

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Picture Title/Description Cast
ILC logo Season 2

Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Keenen displays his "wheel of race", which helps him and the writers decide which ethnic group will be made fun of each week. Needless to say, it is 90% white.
The Head Detective Goes Bowling
Our well-rounded hero falls in love, and makes a bust at the bowling alley.
  • Head Detective - Damon
  • Cop - Keenen
  • Luscious - Crystal
  • Gunman - Shawn
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
  • Bowlers - extras
Handi-Man's Evil Twin
The evil Doctor Naughty releases a Handi-Droid. Lois becomes suspicious of Clark Bent's activities.
  • Doctor Naughty - Jim
  • Handi-Droid - Shawn
  • Handi-Man, aka Clark Bent - Damon
  • Lois Dane - Kelly
  • Guard - extra
  • Cops - extras

The Arsenio Hall of Justice
Arsenio gets to the bottom of things in the courtroom.
Arsenio: [to Roland] Now, I haven't read the deposition … [picks up a bedpost] … but my people tell me that you used Exhibit A to assault all fifty-seven of your victims. [to jury] Would the jury please note that Exhibit A is a very heavy, blunt instrument. [to Roland] Do you work out, man? 'Cause this ain't no sissy murder weapon. This here is one bad mammer-jammer. Looks like one of them brontosaurus ribs from The Flintstones! Now why did Fred always put the ribs in the back of the car, when he knew it was gonna tip over? "Wilma!" [falls over, starts wriggling] "Wilmaaa! Wilmaaa…"
  • Judge - Crystal
  • Bailiff/announcer - Al Chalk
  • Arsenio Hall, prosecutor - Keenen
  • Roland Biggs - Jim
  • Defense attorney - David
  • Jury - extras
  • Spectators - Ellen Cleghorne, extras
Public Enemy and Ice Cube perform a medley.


  • Kim Wayans and Tommy Davidson only appear in the goodnights.
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