Season Season 2
Episode no. 23
No. in series 36
Air date 5/5/1991
Production code 7U22

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Opening titles

Trailer: Three Champs and a Little Lady
From Episode 211
In the long-awaited sequel, the baby they raised is now a teenager, ready for her first date. Mike Tyson adds the word "ludicrous" to his vocabulary.
Muhammad Ali: He may be pretty, he may have zits, whatever you do, don't let him touch ... uh ... like a bee!
  • Mike Tyson - Keenen
  • Sugar Ray Leonard - Tommy
  • Muhammad Ali - David
  • Little lady - Crystal
  • Gerry Cooney Jr. - Jim
  • Announcer - Al Chalk

Black Like You with The Brothers Brothers
From Episode 205
Tom and Tom have little sympathy for their guest, an innocent black man who got arrested.
  • Tom and Tom - Keenen, Damon
  • Rajeem Carter - David
New Ambassador
From Episode 105
Margaret, the newly-appointed ambassador to the New Republic of Naganawanaland, gives a welcoming speech which is "translated" by her interpreter.
  • Margaret Linsford-Hall - Kelly
  • Mubutu - David
  • Natives - extras
The Making of a Tracy Chapman Song
From Episode 106
Tracy draws on her surroundings for inspiration.
Cut from the DVD release of this episode, but still available on the Season 1 set.
  • Tracy Chapman - Kim Wayans
  • Neighbors (voices) - Crystal, Tommy, Kelly
Homeboy Seminar
From Episode 109
The Homeboys advertise their book series, How to Get Mo' Money Without Using Yo' Money. Spoiler: drunk guys and welfare moms are easy targets.
  • Whiz - Damon
  • Ice Man - Keenen
  • FBI agent (voice) - extra
White White Baby
Parody of: Ice Ice Baby
From Episode 215

Vanilla Ice, the most ridiculed figure in hip-hop history, makes his “debut” on the show. Jim Carrey’s finest moment.
Cut from the DVD release.
  • Vanilla Ice - Jim
  • Dancers - extras
The only new segment in the episode. The Afros perform “This Jam’s For You”. David wears a prop from the Buttmans sketch.
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