Season Season 3
Episode no. 1
No. in series 40
Air date 9/22/1991
Production code 8U01

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Picture Title/Description Cast
Commercial: Pee-wee’s Adult Adventures
Pee-wee Herman promotes the new doll of himself, from Sleazo.
  • Pee-wee Herman - Jim
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
ILC logo Season 3

Opening titles / Keenen's speech
Keenen shows off the brand-new set, introduces the new Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez (and DJ Twist), and brings out the new cast members, Shawn Wayans, Jamie Foxx and Steve Park. Jim, Jamie and Steve begin hazing Shawn once Keenen leaves.

Trailer: Crown Heights Story
Parody of: West Side Story
A brand-new musical about a love affair between two members of rival gangs: the Blacks and the Jews.
Cut from the DVD release.
  • Menacham - Jim
  • Jews - extras
  • Gang member wannabe - Kelly
  • Maria - Kim
  • Maria’s friend - Crystal
  • Blacks - extras
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - “Gotta Love,” Jodeci [changed for the DVD release]

Trailer: Misery II
Rick James' biggest fan experiences his wrath when she mentions MC Hammer.
DVD EDIT: Rick James singing an excerpt from “Super Freak” is cut.
  • Rick James - Keenen
  • Prisoner - Crystal
Homey the Sellout - Part 2
At Chez Whitey, Homey finally sells out and gets to meet The Man … just so he can bop his big white head.
  • Homey D. Clown - Damon
  • Kids - David, Tommy, Kelly, Crystal
  • Chez Whitey guests - extras
  • The Man - ?
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - “Let the Beat Hit ‘Em,” Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam [changed for the DVD release]
The Head Detective: Stolen Diamond
The Head Detective and his partner retrieve a stolen diamond from kingpin Johnny Peluso, which requires one of them going in drag.
Head Detective: [in drag] Oh my! Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you Pee-wee Herman?
  • Head Detective - Damon
  • Partner - Keenen
  • Johnny Peluso - Jim
  • Peluso’s bodyguards - Jamie, Steve, extras
  • Doorman - extra
  • Babe - extra
Keenen introduces his nephew, Damien Dante Wayans.
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