Season Season 3
Episode no. 2
No. in series 41
Air date 9/29/1991
Production code 8U02

ILC logo Season 3

Picture Title/Description Cast

Trailer: Kung-Fu Master '91
Grasshopper can't seem to grab the pebble from his teacher's hand, but Akiro has no trouble.
  • Student - Jim
  • Teacher - Steve
  • Akiro - Shawn
  • Gong striker - extra
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
ILC logo Season 3
Opening titles
The Al Sharpton and Lou Farrakhan Comedy Hour
The duo do their famous "Jews On First" routine.
  • Al Sharpton - David
  • Lou Farrakhan - Damon
Velma and the Burglar
A burglar uses Velma's pining for Johnny to his advantage.
Trailer: The Silence of the Lambs II
Jack and Clarice need Oswald's help in deciphering a criminal's message.
  • Dr. Jack Crawford - Jim
  • Clarice Starling - Kelly
  • Oswald Bates - Damon
  • Prisoners - extras
  • Miggs - Shawn
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music: "Teddy's Jam 2," Guy [changed for the DVD release]

Men on Film -- Part 2, sponsored by Gaytorade
A noticeably grumpy Antoine tries to bring Blane back to his senses while they review the films:
  • City Slickers
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  • Madonna: Truth or Dare

When a frying pan and a concrete block don't work, Blane challenges Antoine to a fight, and a simple punch restores Blane's gayness. The hosts and crew rejoice.
During the sketch, an audience member can be heard shouting "Hated it!"

  • Blane Edwards - Damon
  • Antoine Merriweather - David
  • Crew - Shawn, extras
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