Season Season 3
Episode no. 3
No. in series 42
Air date 10/6/1991
Production code 8U03

ILC logo Season 3

Picture Title/Description Cast
Clarence Thomas: Bad Mutha--
Once the newly-appointed Supreme Court justice finds out he's here to stay, he becomes "your darkest nightmare" a la Shaft.
  • Clarence Thomas - David
  • Judges - Jim, Kelly, extras
  • Wife - extra
ILC logo Season 3
Opening titles

Trailer: El Grande Spectacular Muchacho Rocketeer
Es un superhéroe que ayuda frutales vendedores en peligro.
  • Rocketeer - ?
  • Fruit vendor - ?
  • Thieves - ?
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
Al MacAfee: Sex Educator
Mr. MacAfee hands out condoms to students (including a gay couple), almost hits on a girl, confiscates Hardison's math notes, and somehow manages to hit on Ruth.
  • Al MacAfee - David
  • Girl - Kelly
  • Hardison - Tommy
  • Hardison's girl - extra
  • Gay couple - Jamie, Steve
  • Ruth - Kim
  • Pregnant girl - extra
  • Prankster - Shawn
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - "Nature of a Sista," Queen Latifah [changed for the DVD release]
Commercial: Prince Butt Out Jeans
There's a full moon out …
  • Men - Tommy, David
  • Prince - Jamie
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
Benita Buttrell: Carnival
While serving her special gumbo, Benita dishes dirt on Cletha Watkins, Luther Evans, Loretha and … you guessed it, Ms. Jenkins.
Benita: Loretha, girl, I hear you hit the number! I betcha you played 10, 34, 43 and 6, right? Girl, you always said those were your lucky numbers! [giggles, then faces viewer] Her unlucky numbers, more like it. Mm-hmm. 10 for how many years her husband been in prison, 34 for how old she say she is, 43 for how old she really is, and 6? That's how many years that dumb-ass Tyrone been in the third grade.
  • Benita Buttrell - Kim
Anton: Shakespeare in the Park
Anton crashes a production of Romeo and Juliet, and later gets a standing ovation.
DVD EDIT: The DVD release removes Anton singing excerpts from "Love Machine" and "There's No Business Like Show Business".
  • Anton Jackson - Damon
  • Romeo actor - Jim
  • Juliet actress - Kelly
  • Emcee - extra
DJ Twist closes the show. Crystal displays her "Black World" t-shirt.
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