Season Season 3
Episode no. 5
No. in series 44
Air date 10/20/1991
Production code 8U05

ILC logo Season 3

Picture Title/Description Cast
Commercial: Girlie World
To Clarence Thomas, the happiest place on earth has poles, neon lights, and g-strings full of dollar bills.
  • Clarence Thomas - David
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
ILC logo Season 3
Opening titles
Construction Workers
At a construction site, two tough co-workers mock passers-by with plenty of gay-bashing, revealing that they know a lot about what goes on at the Blue Parrot.
  • Worker 1 - Jim
  • Worker 2 - Keenen
  • Boss - Jamie
Snackin' Shack: Prom Date
Bobby takes his prom date to the worst possible restaurant.
  • Mama - Kim
  • Frances - Crystal
  • Leon - David
  • Luther - Tommy
  • Bobby - Jamie
  • Bobby's date - extra

Trailer: Prison Cable Network Fall Lineup
Prisoners sing, dance, take calls from women, and star in dramas.
Cut from the DVD release.
  • Dancers - Jim, Kim, Tommy, Kelly, Crystal
  • Tiny - David
  • Caller (voice) - Kim
  • Death Row Comic - Keenen
  • Angel - Tommy
  • Angel's lover - extra
Lizzy the Waitress
She has an answer for every question.
  • Lizzy - Kelly
  • Customers - Jamie, Shawn, Kim, Crystal, Jim, Steve
  • Mugger - David
Cephus and Reesie: Bar Mitzvah
They don't care that they're in the wrong place. On with the show!
DVD EDIT: An impromptu spoof of "If I Were a Rich Man" is cut.
  • Cephus Mayweather - David
  • Reesie Mayweather - Kim
  • Guests - extras
Fly Girl Dance
  • Music - "Work It Out," Monie Love [changed for the DVD release]

The Adventures of Handi-Boy: How He Came to Be
Handi-Man's origin story is told: he came from the planet Palsy. At school, he was the hero of the handicapped class.
  • Handi-Boy/Clark - Damon
  • Martha - Kelly
  • George - Jim
  • Jer-ol - Damon
  • Bully - David
  • Students - Tommy, extras
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
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