Played by:
David Alan Grier • Clavell
Tommy Davidson • Howard Tibbs III


Picture Title/Episode Description Cast
Show opening
Episode 205
Keenen is approached by Clavell and Howard, who claim they know him from way back when.

Green Room
Episode 207
Clavell and Howard make their way into the green room trying to score a deal. They claim to know Madonna and Tina Turner, and show the cheapo teaser they made for Penitentiary Four.
  • Madonna's manager - Jim
  • Movers and shakers - extras

Funky Finger Productions
Episode 213
After setting up shop, Clavell and Howard try to do business with a Japanese man who just wants his car back. They show him the cheapo teaser they made for "a water-ballet disaster film".
  • Phone man - Jim
  • Mr. Iritani - Lloyd Kino

Pitch Meeting
Episode 214
This time, they're at a movie studio to pitch their latest concept, Dirty Dancing with Wolves, and show another cheapo teaser.
  • Producers - Kelly, extras

Movie Shoot
Episode 220
While shooting their latest cheapo venture, Rain Mandingo, Clavell and Howard meet their female counterparts, The Fabulous Falanas, who show them their cheapo teaser for Dream Cats.
DVD EDIT: The excerpt from “Memory” in the Dream Cats teaser is cut.
  • Meringue - Kim
  • Lambada - Crystal
  • Studio heads - extras

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