Played by:
Damon Wayans • Tom

"Uh, Tom?"
"Yes, Tom?"
"What's black and white all over?"
The Brothers Brothers, both named Tom (after their uncle), are the most non-threatening African-American comedians. Like their namesakes the Smothers Brothers, their music and humor are as far away from ILC's audience as they can get. The word generally used to define them is "Oreo," meaning they're black on the outside but white on the inside. Their sketches begin and/or end with them singing an harmonious ditty about the sketch's subject.


Picture Title/Episode Description Cast
The Brothers Brothers Comedy Hour -- sponsored by White-out™
Episode 111
The brothers entertain the audience with folky singing and clean jokes.
Tom & Tom: (singing)
My brother's a brother, and so am I
Or so it appears to the casual eye
The networks want blacks, but they don't want them real
So Oreos like us get a hell of a deal!
  • Announcer - Al Chalk
Black Like You
Episode 205, Episode 223
Tom and Tom have little sympathy for their guest, an innocent black man who got arrested.
  • Rajeem Carter - David
Blind Date
Episode 210
Tom and Tom are more fixated on the vapid, giggly white woman than the well-educated black woman.
  • Waiter - Shawn
  • Theresa - Crystal
  • Pam - Kelly
Episode 213
Tom and Tom appear at a press conference for the Arizona Tourism Commission. They can't tell Martin Luther King from Don King, and are clueless about racism against them.
  • Commissioner - Kelly
  • Journalists - Crystal, extras
Country Club
Episode 218
Tom and Tom apply for membership at a country club. They are turned down at first, but are accepted when they entertain the club’s comic.
  • Dean -
  • Dean’s assistant - Jim
  • Billy Bob Baker -
  • Howard -

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