Hi all,

My name is Guillermo, aka The G Man. I've been a Wikia editor since 2005, when I became an admin of Muppet Wiki.

Besides the Muppets, I am a big fan of sketch comedy. I have every episode of Saturday Night Live, and several other shows as well (check my website, to see what I mean).

As a collector of said programming, my hobby includes searching databases and episode lists to find what I'm looking for, because I can't always rely on my sharp memory. There are in-depth guides on the web for SCTV and SNL, and even one for The Whitest Kids U'Know (which I completed on Wikia this year, and also became an admin for that one -- but that's beside the point) -- but none for In Living Color.

None at all. Think about it.

The Wikipedia page doesn't go into enough detail about the show, such as the many, many edits made on the DVD sets. There are more unanswered questions and bits of trivia that I hope to answer and add here and there. For instance, how many Homey D. Clown skits were there throughout the entire run? Which episode has Jim Carrey's Vanilla Ice impression? And so on and so forth. That's what Wikis are for.

My gratitude goes out to Robert Cruz, who is currently trying to undo the damage that FOX did to the show on the DVD sets -- that is, restore the episodes to their original length and put the original Fly Girl music back, preserving the show the way it aired on TV. Without his efforts, I wouldn't have found this Wiki and been motivated to add some actual knowledge to it. The person who started this Wiki appears to be inactive -- s/he clearly did not have the time to add as much information as I have, so I hope to become an admin of this Wiki somehow. (In the meantime, all I can do is mark things for deletion in a category.)

Of course, all the best Wikis are a team effort. My next post will be about the How you can help page, which I will have hopefully put together by then.

--MuppetVJ (talk) 07:20, October 13, 2014 (UTC)

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